Saturday, September 27, 2008

Farewell PI, Farewell

As I write this blog, Disney's Pleasure Island is celebrating their last night after almost 20 years at Downtown Disney. Before I address the protests of the Adventurer's Club, and to a lesser extent Comedy Warehouse, frankly, the writing was on the wall. Although I never went to Pleasure Island's clubs, I found it to be a nice place to go at night when I got older when I got to walk through it. Consequently, the openness of Pleasure Island I believe led to it's downfall. Any person could walk though and cause trouble, which Disney didn't like because of the bad press from the media reports. I can see why Disney wants to make Downtown completely family friendly to help ease this problem, but I can't say I'm too hyped about the new projects (T-Rex resturant, yawn...., hot air ballon, fun for a couple times at best). Now to the Adventurer's Club...I appreciate the heart that the people behind the "Save the Club" movement, but Disney fans are currently one for two on the "Save the Attraction" internet movement (For those keeping score, Disney did bring back Figment, but did not bring Toad). You have to remember that this is a business decision, and Disney is essentially sold on the idea. Sorry.....

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Matt, You've Convinced Me

After embracing Team Voice's monthly goal of 20 miles a month (6.5 miles left to go!), I'm going to start training for the 2010 WDW Marathon. Seeing how I have no experience whatsoever running (Outside of a sprint), how does one go about and say "I'm going to be crazy enough to do this, to run 26.2 miles in a single day?" Also, I have started a running playlist on my iPod (Containing everything from John Legend to Led Zeppelin). What songs get you inspired?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

College Picks Week 3

Sure, a 21-3 record from Week 2 may be hard to top, but I'll try:
#13 Kansas vs. #19 USF
LA-Lafayette vs. #24 Illinois
#23 Cal vs. Maryland
Nevada vs. #6 Mizzou
#14 East Carolina
vs. Tulane (Surely the Pirates will go 3-0. I am serious, and stop calling me Shirley!)
UCLA vs. #18 BYU (They beat #18 two weeks ago, and I think they'll do it again in my Upset of the Week)
#17 Penn State vs. Syracuse
#16 Oregon vs. Purdue
#2 Georgia vs. South Carolina (Rule #1: Never pick for a Steve Spurrier coached team. This is why I'm a Seminole fan)
SMU vs. #12 Texas Tech
#9 Auburn
vs. Mississippi State
Western Kentucky vs. #11 Bama
#3 Oklahoma
vs. Washington
#22 Utah vs. Utah State
North Texas vs. #7 LSU
UNLV vs. #15 Arizona State
#10 Wisconsin
vs. #21 Fresno State
And now, for the granddaddy of them all:
#5 The Ohio State University vs. #1 USC (Ohio State has failed to prove to me they can win the big game. This is the case again)
Bonus Games:
Iowa State vs. Iowa (For you Jeff!)
Michigan vs. Norte Dame
Chattanooga vs. Florida State
Season Record: 21-3

Monday, September 8, 2008

NFL Week 1 Semi-wrap up

Even though my Vikes don't play the hated Packers until tonight, yesterday was quite an interesting day in the league. Tom Brady, by most reports, is out for the season (Sorry Pats fans, I'm now chanting J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets! to win the AFC East, because Belichick hasn't won without Thomas Brady). Also, even though they beat the tar out of the Detroit Lions, me likey what I saw out of this Falcons' team. Matt Ryan went out there and looked like he's been the pros for a couple years. The only bummer however, was that I was going against Michael Turner in fantasy (Well, at least I don't have Tom Brady!).

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

College Football Picks Week 2

Hey everybody!
Sorry for the lags in posts, but I'd like to introduce what'll be a weekly feature on TBNL, my college football picks for the week. Not too much last week (Oh yeah, VA Tech lost to ECU and Pitt laid an egg against Bowling Green), but here's hoping for more football fun (Pick in bold)!
Central Michigan vs. #2 Georgia
Ohio vs. #3 The Ohio State University
Cincinnati vs. #4 Oklahoma
Miami (FL) vs. #5 Florida (Remind me again why this is ESPN's Saturday night game? There's another Florida game I'll get to later that should be primetime!)
SE Missouri State vs. #6 Missouri
ECU vs. #8 West Virginia (Does upset lighting strike twice for the Pirates? No.)
Southern Miss vs. #9 Auburn
#10 Texas
vs. UTEP
Marshall vs. #11 Wisconsin
#12 Texas Tech
vs. Nevada
Tulane vs. #13 Bama
Louisiana Tech vs. #14 Kansas
#15 BYU
vs. Washington
Stanford vs. #15 Arizona State (Upset Alert!)
#17 South Florida vs. UCF (This is said Florida matchup)
#18 Oregon vs. Utah State
Oregon State vs. #19 Penn State
Ole Miss vs. #20 Wake Forest
UNLV vs. #22 Utah
#24 South Carolina
vs. Vandy
Eastern Illinois vs. #24 Illinois
Idle: #1 USC, #7 LSU (Game tenatively rescheduled), #21 Fresno State, #23 UCLA
Other games of note:
Western Carolina vs. Florida State
Georgia Tech vs. BC