Saturday, November 15, 2008

Just Because It's "The Sinkhole Capital of the World", Doesn't Mean You'll Sink

I usually have a lot of respect for travel writer Peter Greenburg, but following this segment on Tuesday's "Today" show dissing Fountain, Minnesota (A town about a half hour south of where I grew up), really makes me wonder if he's still in it for the Joe Schomes of the world:

For the record, I have visited Fountain numerous times and have yet to fall into a sinkhole (Yes, they exist, just ask around). It's perfectly fine to travel there (They actually have a really nice bike trail, thus the bike reference), and it's a really cool natural sight with the bluffs.

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Matt said...

Well, look on the bright side... At least is was deemed worthy of mentioning on the Today Show!

My Hometown has only been mentioned on the national news 3 times, all three were bad.

1. The Mayor called the mayor of New York City (either Koch or Dinkins) an anti-semitic phrase.

2. An elderly lady at a nursing home (in which my mom worked at) was killed when her bed was infested with fire ants.

3. Then there was the whole Worldcom deal. Bernie Ebbers (who used to go to my church) lived in Brookhaven during the whole scandal.